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"People do not realise how important decisions are until they make the wrong one" - author unknown 

The purpose of “Ethics Ambassadors” is to provide businesses and other organizations with guidance, information, and support in making ethical (values-based) decisions. We aspire to raise business ethics and compliance awareness among those in charge. We aim to become a trusted partner who can accompany you in the most complicated decisions.


Currently, we find the virtual assets industry to be one of the most vulnerable to fraud and other financial crimes, as well as prone to speculations and loss of capital. Therefore, Ethics Ambassadors aim to support investors, virtual assets services providers, and regulators in building an ethical and safe-to-operate ecosystem.

Together with AI and the gaming industry, the virtual assets industry is still in the process of being regulated. Therefore, it leaves many inherent ethical concerns unresolved, which Ethics Ambassadors will address.




Why Ethics?

Every day we unconsciously make hundreds of decisions. The less impact a decision has on our lives, the less thought we give to it. It becomes complicated when the outcomes of our decisions affect other people's lives, the well-being of a society, the environment, or the entire population. It is even more challenging when various opinions and interest groups are involved. The greater consequences of the decision, the more demanding it is to find the right solution. 

Studying applied ethics made me realize there is a way to find the best possible conclusion, even in the most sophisticated cases. It was a breakthrough in my approach to dilemmas in my personal and business life. The decisions I had to make turned into choices about who I am, what my values are, and what I stand for. These are the choices we make with every decision we take.

The New World We Are Creating

New technologies bring much excitement into our world and, in many cases, make our lives easier. However, they come with some ethical issues we need to consider if we don't want technological progress to become destructive. For example:

Statistically, investors lose money in about 95% of the tech start-ups cases that do not survive, and cryptocurrency markets can lose up to a trillion USD in a few weeks. This considerable capital doesn't have to be wasted without creating value. Those are the tech, intelligence, and other resources that could be used to solve such global problems as famine, income inequality, human trafficking, pollution, etc.

Around 3,2 billion people (circa 40% of the global population) are playing video games, which can enhance skills and educate. Still, it also can adversely impact empathy, increase addictions, or create social disorders if the design is not aligned with community values. Many industry customers are the most vulnerable members of society, i.e., children, and their attitudes, behaviors, and future are influenced by the games they play.

Artificial Intelligence is another area entering our lives with the risk of ethical issues, such as biased and discriminatory solutions, the introduction of inequality, distancing, and new human rights issues.

I care about the world we are creating for the next generations and want to contribute to making technological progress also to be humanity's progress.

Jevgenija Binkyte

Founder of "Ethics Ambassadors"

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