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Advisory Services

Our advisory services are designed to support organizations with their on-going ethics, corruption and fraud related questions.

We are available to guide you through possible solutions to your concerns. We provide reasoned analysis to make sure you make ethical decisions in complex and sensitive cases.

Scope of Services

​We guide on ethical issues related to different functions of the organisation:

  • Marketing

  • Supply Chain & Procurement

  • Production

  • HR matters

  • Customer Service

  • Sales

  • Financial Accounting & Payments

  • Leadership & Management

The Kind of Questions We Are Guiding Through...

White Sneakers

Is this case an ethical issue?

Yen Coins

Who should be involved in the decision making?

Dump Trucks

What is the right thing to do in this case?


What kind of follow up actions are required?

Salt Factory Worker

What are the options of actions?


Why it is important to make an ethical decision?

Industrial Smoke

What are the risks if we take certain actions?

Suit and Tie

What is the main criteria in making the decision?

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