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Crypto, DeFi & Blockchain Compliance Services

Although virtual assets and decentralised finance (DeFi) industry licensing requirements vary in countries and depend on the type of activities, they usually cover the business areas provided below. We assess if companies qualify for licenses required to operate crypto and DeFi businesses in certain jurisdictions and help them fix the gaps needed to obtain the permit.

In many cases, legal requirements are designed to protect investors and customers. Therefore we also support investors and help them assess the risk level of the company they want to invest in.

Business Strategy

Corporate Governance

Financial Reporting

Business Continuity

Risk Management

Float Management

Business Conduct


Technology Risks

Financial Resources

Data Privacy

Fraud Risks

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Advisory and Support in Licensing

​We help companies to get the required licenses for their crypto and DeFi activities. We provide the following services:

  • Assessment of licensing requirements for corporate activities;

  • Liaising with authorities on the requirements and license application process;

  • Process and controls gaps assessment following the regulatory framework and identification of areas for improvement;

  • Support in risk management and implementation of solutions to meet legal requirements;

  • Preparation of application and information package required to obtain a license related to regulated activities;

  • Design of the framework to maintain compliance with licensing regulations.

Data Privacy & Security Management

  • Assessment of technology risks related to data privacy management;

  • Advisory on legal requirements of technology in terms of data privacy and security management;

  • Support in implementing processes, procedures, and solutions to meet legal data privacy and security requirements;

  • Data Privacy Officer functions in jurisdictions where it can be outsourced to 3rd parties.

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AML/KYC Advisory & Implementation

  • Money laundering and terrorism financing risks assessment;

  • Design and implementation of processes, procedures, and controls to comply with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing rules,

  • Assessment, design, and implementation of policies and processes to ensure required records and transactions are adequately collected, stored, and made available for authorities when required.

Investment Projects Risk Assessment

We prepare an overview, analysis, and assessment of a startup technology in terms of its business model and compliance feasibility, e.g., we provide a summary on such questions as the following:

  • What problem does the solution or technology resolve? 

  • How would customers be attracted and revenue generated?

  • What is a competitive environment and risk?

  • Is a solution compatible with the legal regulations of the market?

  • Are the infrastructure, competencies, and qualifications sufficient to run the technology and business?

  • Has the company adequate risk management framework and controls (financial IT, governance, anti-fraud, AML..etc.)

Overview of Legal Environment in Locations We Operate

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