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When Temporary Officers are Required?

Patent Preparation and Prosecution

We provide a short-term replacement of Compliance, Ethics, Anti-Fraud, Anti-Corruption and Investigations Officers in cases as follows:

  • The officer leaves and it requires to temporary replace him or her.

  • There is no Compliance, Ethics, Anti-Fraud or Anti-Corruption function, and it requires the department to be established, the organizational structure and responsibilities set up.

  • The Compliance, Ethics, Anti-Fraud or Anti-Corruption department doesn't achieve the goals or is inefficient.

What Our Services Include?

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Establishment of Compliance Function 

We design Anti-Fraud and Compliance Departments, define balanced goals and  targets, aligned with overall corporate strategy

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Internal Inquiries

We reply and advise on any internal inquiries related to the officer's scope and matters of expertise.

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Team Management

We create a functioning team, making sure tasks are performed, the goals are achieved, and the best capabilities of employees are employed.

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Internal Affairs 

We participate in internal meetings and decision making to ensure compliance and ethical matters are addressed.

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