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The values are not just a declaration of what Ethics Ambassadors stand for. Our values are the guidance for our behaviours and are a measurement of every decision we take. Whatever we do, we assess with six main questions:

  • Are we adhering to the highest moral principles when making a decision? (Nobleness)

  • Are we consistent in what we declare and what we do? (Integrity)

  • Do we have knowledge and expertise to provide the service? (Professionalism)

  • Are we doing the best we can? (Quality)

  • Did we learn from past cases and are we making it better each time? (Constant Improvement)

  • Do we ensure that the information our partners share with us is protected from being used for unauthorised purposes? (Confidentiality)



The whole idea of Ethics Ambassadors is to promote ethical behaviour of organisations and individuals. We ourselves are committed to follow the highest moral principles in each step we make and in every decision we take. We care for organisations and those in charge to act fairly and upright. We want to support and guide others in taking the right decisions even in the most complicated life scenarios. We want to bring the best of ourselves and others.

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